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Why Choose CarbonOne?

Trading in CarbonOne was halted on May 24, 2016 pending completion of an acquisition (see May 24, 2016 press release).

CarbonOne develops and manufactures advanced composite materials and is publicly traded on the TSX Venture Exchange. CarbonOne holds exclusive world-wide licenses for a suite of intellectual property with advanced developments in resin, furnace and milling technologies, allowing CarbonOne to produce superior performance products at a lower price point than its peers.

CarbonOne offers a compelling entry point to the advanced materials market, with an experienced team and innovative, disruptive products with application across a range of industries. CarbonOne’s disciplined approach to growth has allowed us to identify the best initial products to launch the Company, establish strong industry partnerships, and build a network of supportive shareholders who understand CarbonOne’s long-term potential.

Multiple products

CarbonOne has focused initially on two products that can be rapidly advanced to production: XBar™ rebar and C1Core™ panel. XBar rebar is a composite rebar that is lighter than steel yet has stronger tensile strength than steel and is rust proof. C1Core is a carbon ceramic composite panel that is fire, insect and rot proof, impervious to water, mold and mildew, and can be produced with different densities and finishes. Concurrently, CarbonOne’s R&D team is developing opportunities to provide an ongoing pipeline of new products, including activated carbon pellets and defense products.

Experienced team

CarbonOne’s Chief Technology Officer and a number of its Strategic Advisors have decades of experience developing, manufacturing and marketing advanced materials. The Company’s executive team brings a wealth of experience in business, finance and marketing, and is supported by a board of directors and advisors with the manufacturing and marketing experience to successfully advance CarbonOne’s products to cash flow and grow the Company.

Proprietary technology

CarbonOne holds exclusive world-wide licenses for a suite of intellectual property. With its proprietary developments in resin, furnace, and milling technologies, CarbonOne can cost-effectively produce low-cost, high-performance composite materials for industrial and structural applications. CarbonOne’s integrated approach to manufacturing allows the Company to quickly and cost-effectively manufacture high-quality products that are expected to outperform competitors from both a performance and cost perspective.

Construction. Manufacturing. Safety.

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